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“My imagination has always been captured by the wonderful selection of colored and patterned fabric. I get the tailor off-cuts from women who sew at the market. My experience in fabric manipulation reveals creativity toward bringing my artwork alive with different colored textile pieces. My work focuses on feminism, cultural pride and preservation of the environment.”

Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” This certainly rings true of the works by Nigerian artist, Nkechi.
Her fabric collage artwork steals your eye the moment it is within your view, nor does it release when you walk away. As a multimedia fabric collage artist, Nkechi repurposes African textiles into phenomenal paintings and portraits.

Studying Fine Arts and Design at Uniport College in Choba, Nigeria, Nkechi began her professional work as a fabric collage artist in 2012ince that time has evolved as she has grown in confidence as expressed across her portfolio of work.
Her works have been in group exhibitions throughout Europe, as well as, the Middle East and South Africa. In preparation for her upcoming solo exhibition, Waterkolours is privileged to share its access to limited pieces of Nkechi’s portfolio prior to release in the States.


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