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Kennith Humphrey is a Mississippi-based artist who utilizes a nuance of impressionism along with an influence of lived experience and music. Due to his approach to art, he has faced adversity throughout his art career as people called his work “unusual”.
Despite setbacks, he has attained national and international success, fulfilling his goal of becoming a renowned artist.
His pathway of becoming includes memories of his brother reviewing pieces Kennith would have considered complete, only for June (William) to examine and tell him they were not done as the soul and texture of the piece had yet to be cultivated. This tutelage and support helped Humphrey to understand the importance of layering each piece with a personal intimacy which now defines the rhythm of his work.
After years of declining physical health conditions, Humphrey has removed the veil of seclusion and reignited the rhythm of his life on canvas. We are excited to present his first major body of work in over 5 years which showcases and celebrates his resilience as he returns with some of his most stunning work to date.


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