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Welcome to Waterkolours Fine Art, a distinguished art gallery and online platform dedicated to showcasing the brilliance of contemporary artistry. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, our gallery is a vibrant cultural hub, celebrating the rich tapestry of human creativity and expression. At Waterkolours, our mission transcends mere exhibition; we strive to create a dynamic dialogue between artists and art enthusiasts. By curating a diverse collection from some of the most talented artists of our time, we offer a window into the myriad ways in which art interprets and enhances our world. We are more than an art gallery; we are custodians of culture and promoters of artistic excellence. Our commitment to customer service ensures a seamless and enriching experience for all who engage with our art, whether in person or through our online gallery.


Join us at Waterkolours, where every piece tells a story, and every visit is a journey into the heart of human creativity. Connect with us to explore, appreciate, and acquire exceptional artworks that resonate with soul, intellect, and emotion. 🎨✨


Art Exhibitions and Showcases, Online Art Gallery and E-commerce, Private Viewings and Consultations, Art Acquisition and Investment Advice, Custom Framing and Art Installation Services, Art Shipping and Handling, Event Hosting and Art-related Activities, Corporate Art Services, and Art-as-a-Service

Our specialists are a phone call away.

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Select from over 100 premium wood mouldings.

Shipping available all across the country. Contact us to discuss our delivery & installation services.

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