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Having spent decades as a wife, mother, and teacher of mathematics, Manuelita Brown, professional sculptor, is endowed with an exceptional understanding of universal human experiences. She combines this sensitivity with her broad training and innate artistic talent to create artwork frequently described as eclectic and authentically personal.
Trained by veteran sculptors, including Bruno Lucchesi (New York), Nigel Konstam (Italy), and Simon Kogan (Washington), Manuelita has been honored with numerous awards accompanying her participation in juried shows and exhibitions throughout the country, such as the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in Tampa, Florida; Artscape in Baltimore, Maryland; the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia; the National Black Fine Arts Show in Soho, New York, and the Sausalito Art Festival in Sausalito, California.
In Sojourner Truth, Manuelita demonstrates her preference for life-sized as opposed to monumental sculptures of remarkable people, to effectively help viewers relate to the humanity of that individual. Her primary goals are to contribute sculpture works to American iconography that edify and give expression to the human spirit, and to convey the strength, character, and beauty of her own people, the descendants of African survivors in the Americas.

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