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Alfred was born in the West African country of Ghana in 1975 into a family of Artists. This self-taught art talent runs through the family. To Alfred, the scope of art comes so natural and therefore never seemed challenging enough. Alfred attended Accra Academy, one of the prominent high schools in Ghana and focused on physical sciences as his career path. The sciences seemed more challenging to him. Since 1997, Alfred had specialized in Sculpture as the core of his art profession. He attributes his success to his physical science background that allows him to easily experiment with so many media that had resulted in the creation of his unique environmental friendly way of producing his artworks by recycling wood waste. Since 2004, Alfaddo Art Studios is headquartered and marketed in Johannesburg, South Africa where our works have graced many reputable hotels, corporate offices, government offices, embassies and has done lots of commissioned works. Additionally, 95% of our works are produced in Ghana and then assembled and finished in Johannesburg, South Africa. This explains why Alfaddo Art Studios is very popular in West Africa, East Africa and South Africa. Not only have we exhibited our fine works in the Africa region, but also, we have done exhibitions in New York City in the United States of America.

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