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Andre Rushing

Andre Rushing was born in Virginia in 1960. At an early age his drawing showed promise, catching the praise and encouragement of his parents and of a family friend who gifted him with materials and advice. At fourteen years of age Andrea Rushing was painting in acrylics, in both execution and subject matter his work far surpassed his age level in sophistication. Later by his own choice Rushing left college, and painting, for time in the Navy followed by a short stint in the defense industry. This detour broadened Rushing's perspective and provided a great catalyst for change. He traveled, let the world educate him, and then finally came to understand that painting was his path.
Since then Rushing has become an Award-winning Artist who now continues taking commissions when he is not immersed in mentoring budding artists at his Fine Arts Academy. Rushing is currently at San Diego State University, San Marcos State University, and at the San Diego Museum of Art.

At its lightest Rushing’s work suggests Magritte, showing life in an amused juxtaposition; at its most intense, Dali or Rousseau, where man and image confront each other in unnerving contrast. Rushing's great power as a painter lies in his insights into human nature - sometimes as in studies of rich symbolism; other times in straightforward portraiture, where his brushwork reveals the sitter's truth and destiny. And always things are rendered with compassion and elegance.
“I never call myself an artist,” says Rushing. “I am a painter. I don’t wait for inspiration; I just do the work. There are so many things that can derail creativity. That’s why criticism or praise are equally dangerous, and why ultimately it’s useless. My only job is to continue to mature as an artist, learning how to paint freely and paint comfortably. But it will always be just one step at a time, a painting, like a construction. A chair for example. It needs to be comfortable, it needs to be functional and beautiful. But it’s a built thing and if it’s done well it will stand up. Paintings I think are the same, they have to build one step at a time and they have to be true in order to last.”


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